All you need is ONE sweet potato to get an entire harvest of sweet potatoes.

"How to Grow Sweet Potatoes from Sweet Potato Slips", "Did you know you can grow an entire harvest of sweet potatoes from a single sweet potatoes slips? I'll show you how with these six SIMPLE steps.", "One Sweet Potato Produced all of This.", "Easy Tips, How to Plant and Grow Sweet Potatoes, Growing Sweet Potatoes - Everything About Garden", "How to grow sweet potatoes for an entire year with only ONE sweet potato as a source. I am going to put my sweet potato in a jar of water right now!", "With just one sweet potato and six simple steps, we harvested hundreds of sweet potatoes. -- Read more info by clicking the link on the image.", "Organic gardening tip. Interested in designing your own personal natural veggie garden? Here are several eco-friendly gardening tips which will help you in the right direction."