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"Prev of Page However, it is important to try and avoid switching hooks in the middle of a project. Of course, the rules are different when your stitches aren’t the right size, but you want the stitches…Read mo", "Prev of Page When it comes to finishing crochet projects, there are tons of different options! My favorite is this tutorial from Fiber Flux. They show you how to seamlessly weave in your ends! Prev more →", "PIN 12 Things Every Beginner Crocheter Needs to Know", "Prev of Page Don’t be fooled into thinking that crocheting gauges aren’t worth your time, energy, or effort! That’s a total lie! Read this article from The Spruce for more information. Definitely worth a glance! Prev more →", "Prev of Page Having a center-ball pull will make your projects so much easier! Learn how to do it at Knits With Balls. Prev of PageRead more →"